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How Ozone Generator Air Purifiers Work

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How Ozone Generator Air Purifiers Work

Ozone generators create ozone using mechanisms such as an ultraviolet light or a corona discharge (a type of electrical discharge). The machine is also equipped with a fan that disperses the ozone out into the air. In theory, these ozone particles will come into contact with indoor air pollution and neutralize them -- for instance, by killing living pollutants such as bacteria.

As stated above, ozone consists of three atoms of oxygen. The substance normally called "oxygen" in day-to-day language is actually a bonded pair of oxygen atoms. Two oxygen atoms linked together in such a way are stable. When three are connected, however, the bond is far more easily broken. One of the oxygen atoms will tend to separate from the other two. Oxygen atoms by their nature easily bond with many other atoms, so the newly detached oxygen atom goes "looking," so to speak, for something else it can become attached to. When the oxygen atom finds something new and bonds with it, this fundamentally changes its physical nature. This is how ozone is supposed to work as an air purifier -- the free oxygen atom will, supposedly, render harmful pollutants safe.

Effectiveness of Ozone Generators

The Environmental Protection Agency has studied the effectiveness of ozone as an air pollution removal tool and concludes plainly: "Available scientific evidence shows that at concentrations that do not exceed public health standards, ozone has little potential to remove indoor air contaminants." The EPA considers much of the marketing conducted by makers of ozone generators to be misleading.

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