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Do Air Purifiers Really Remove Viruses?

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Can Viruses Be Filtered By Air Purifiers?

Because viruses are so small, some less than .03 microns, most air purifiers cannot capture them effectively, although most claim to in their promotional material. Air purification systems that use a combination of HEPA filters, ultraviolet lights and electrostatic filters may achieve the best results since none alone can guarantee consistent removal and eradication of viruses from the air stream.

EPA studies have found that the effectiveness of hybrid units can be limited if airflow is not properly configured which can cause increased air resistance that could allow the air to bypass the cleaning mechanisms. Correct placement of portable residential air cleaners is also considered crucial to capturing airborne viruses.

Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO)

PCO cleaners uses hydroxyl radicals to remove gaseous pollutants but does not remove particulates. The EPA cautions that PCO cleaners' effectiveness in residential settings is limited, and testing has produced inconclusive evidence of their effectiveness against volatile organic compounds (VOC). In fact, some PCO devices were found to produce new indoor air pollutants while failing to destroy existing pollutants.

Ozone Generators

According to the EPA, ozone generators can be a threat to public health despite claims they neutralize odors and irritants in the air. Although studies have proven that ozone removes certain biological contaminants from the air, data suggest that the resulting concentration of ozone would exceed acceptable standards, up to 5 to 10 times higher than recommended. Air purifiers that emit small amounts of ozone -- .01 to .02 or less -- are safe and do assist in removing viruses from the air stream.

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