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 Brand Bankor (Airbus) company is a research and development, production, sales as one of the health of small household electrical appliance manufacturers. Companies always adhere to the technology continues to innovate, beautiful appearance, the use of the concept of human nature, focus on new cars, home, hotels, banks, medical and other fields of purification, humidification, gift development and production and sales. Company products are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and other countries and regions. And with the country's gift companies, advertising companies, foreign trade companies, such as the establishment of a long-term cooperative relationship, providing wholesale and customized business. Major cooperation customers are: Dell, Netease, dynamic zone, China Mobile communications, China Telecom, China CITIC Bank and other well-known enterprises. According to the specific requirements of customers, we design and produce a variety of characteristics of the product. Products with reasonable price, high quality won the reputation of the guests, in the domestic and foreign customers to establish a good reputation. Companies adhering to the "integrity, win-win, cooperation, and enterprising" spirit of enterprise. We look forward to working with you for your cooperation, welcome to come to negotiate, to create a better future on a win-win basis!

Joining Party
1, joining the stage
A, the initial acceptance of the company to join the application;
B, the actual and background of the franchisee to investigate;
2, signing stage
A, provide the agent to join the contract text, and to explain;
B, a clear cooperation between the two sides, rights and obligations;
3, follow-up management stage
A, daily goods maintenance operations, add, replace, retreat goods, promotional products and solutions;
B, through the company's various platforms for the franchise stores to carry out publicity and promotion;
C, according to the store to reflect the situation, timely guidance;
1, joining the stage
A, investigate the situation of the local consumer market and its development trend;
B, to determine the intention of joining and investment scale, etc.;
C, online application to join us and to obtain information on the division;
2, signing stage
A, review the agent to join the contract and related policy documents;
B, a clear cooperation between the two sides, rights and obligations;
C, pay the cost;
3, follow-up management stage
A, often to the Secretary for feedback on the situation;
B, standard operation, management and service;
C, the implementation of the headquarters of the promotion and promotion measures