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  In order to expand the scope of product marketing, to meet the needs of the market OEM, we have all products in the customer to achieve a certain potential, can be OEM cooperation.

Bankor air purifier OEM cooperation
1, OEM processing: customer designated company existing air purifier products, humidifier product, put the customer's own trademark on the product, to promote your own brand.
2, new product production: customer to provide new product development ideas, our company according to customer demand for design, development, production, development.
3, the appearance of change: the customer commissioned us to produce our existing products, but the appearance, the brand according to customer requirements to change a generation process.

Cooperation and win-win
If you have a lot of room for the development of the industry, OEM is the best way to cooperate!
We will not dominate the market, do not use inferior materials to price oneself out of the market, the brand enterprises, resulting in death of your brand.
We will be quality products, the lowest of the ex factory price, cooperation and win-win service attitude and strong competitive advantage, win universal praise for our OEM business, your 100% satisfaction guarantee.
The OEM production, the accumulation of capital, technology and management methods and the rapid growth, is your enterprise development, the rise of a shortcut.